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Hair Additions

Not A Wig!

Innovative hand-tied monofilament or machine base hair enhancer which can be used to to add additional highlights, or volume to thinning hair or blald spots. And yes, you can choose a color that is close to your natural shade; an exact match is not needed. A wig alternative that many prefer.

Top form

Designed to add gorgeous volume at the crown, this 100% remy human hair topper integrates with your own hair for a supremely natural look.

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Top notch

Pump up the volume! Worn on the crown, this topper integrates with your own hair to add body and give you total styling flexibility.


This one-piece volumizer adds instant thickness with naturally stunning Remy human hair. It clips in quickly and easily for all-day comfort and can be styled with heat to create any look. Available in lengths of 12 and 18 inches with options for both beginning and beginning-mid stages. Add luscious thickness from top of head to gorgeous body to your hair in an instant.

Top Crown

This undetectable crown volumizer clips in gently and blends seamlessly with short wavy styles. The translucent monofilament base allows multidirectional styling.

Mono Hair Toppers



Hand-tied Monofilament Hair Enhancer    

                                                                  *This is not a wig


Machine Base Toppers

Great pieces for thinning or bald spots!

Add more hair to your head!

Hair Extensions


8 piece clip-ins

These clip-in extensions with protein rich top quality 100% human hair. They can be flat-ironed, curled, colored, or styled with heat tools. These lightweight extensions are easy to attach without causing damage to your own hair. Unlike permanent extensions, they can be removed and stored in minutes. Use to add volume, length, and highlights to your own hair. Wig Salon's descriptive living colors makes it easy to find the right color for everyone’s hair.


Lengths: 10 inches, 14 inches, 18 inches

100% Human Hair Extension is a one-piece clip in volumizer. The ultimate solution for fine or thinning hair; your hair will amaze with sudden volume, thickness and luxurious body! Honeycomb base applies easily without causing damage to your own hair. Can be flat ironed, blow dried, curled or styled with heat tools. Pull your hair through the honeycomb base for a seamless integration.

This is the best volumizer on the market!